Without fun, no true work can be done. Emery’s youthful demeanor and energetic exuberance helps each student to find their comfortability in self expression right away. This is the opposite of a disciplined and narrow approach. Instead, with a lighthearted atmosphere and the freedom to choose their own path to explore music, Emery focuses on helping the student find exactly which aspects of music bring them joy.

Unlike most private music lessons or standard music classes, Emery employs the Montessori philosophy of “Follow the Child.” (Or Follow the Adult..:) Each session is specifically tailored to allow the student to explore different instruments, voice, music appreciation, theory, listening as they are interested and as they choose. Emery teaches a wide variety of music, genres and instruments, and can modify the curriculum at any time as students are inspired to do so.


Emery has been teaching private music lessons, workshops and classes for over 20 years! For those 20 years she has not taught the same things year after year. Instead, she has continued to adapt, improvise and tailor curriculums specific and individual to each student. Her forte is teaching with a unique and customizable style while accommodating different personalities, learning styles and skills to make music fun no matter what the age, skill talent  or experience of the student. In addition, Emery has been playing professionally on violin, piano, voice, guitar and as a composer and songwriter for over 20 years. This practical life experience transforms the lessons to real life skills the student can use in any area of their life, not just music.

No contract required. Pay only for the lessons you commit to. Flexible scheduling and weeks available. Schedule as many or as few lessons as your schedule allows. (Priority booking is given to those who enroll in complete months or thorough the summer.



Beth Heller, head of school, Montessori School of Evergreen, 2007-2015

In Emery, you will find a rare combination of technical talent, deep passion for music, and unrelenting belief in the potential of each student with whom she works. Emery has proven herself a transformation teacher…

Everyone – colleagues, parents, and the children themselves- were amazed at the advancement under Emery’s guidance. Boys, girls, reserved, outgoing, it mattered not: every student LOVED music and felt comfortable performing on the stage… Every student felt known and valued. Emery always inspired creativity, encouraging students to write and compose their own music, pick up a new instrument and take risks. Whereas most teachers might have responded to an out of the box idea from a student as extra work, Emery always took the time to make anything possible.

Neta M. Hansen, MA; Director/Field Supervisor; Early Childhood Consultant

As the Director of Lakewood Learning Center, with over 30 years’ experience, I have placed my trust in many teachers over the years. Emery Pace Archer stands out as a shining example of the best of the best. I first started using Emery as our Music teacher in September of 2014 and have never looked back.  The amount of pride and passion Emery carries out in her work of music cannot be measured in words.  She gives the children (students) the opportunity to flourish while inspiring them with endless possibilities and strong work ethic.  Emery has a high degree of compassion, flexibility, and humor.  She has that rare knack of imparting to a student the qualities of music appreciation, the joy of learning, and the drive and desire to progress.  I know the things the children are learning from her will have an effect on them for the rest of her life, even beyond music.

Emily Burch, valedictorian and senior at LHS 2015
I am 18 years old now and have studied piano for 12 years. I have worked with Emery off and on for about 3 years now and I couldn’t possibly enjoy it more. She makes every lesson exciting, which in turn makes me more enthused about the material I am playing . She also finds neat ways to work in theory and compositional techniques, giving each lesson a unique educational twist. Lessons with her are so much fun and I will miss her when I go to college!

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