Winter 2018 Registration is now open! Please Download the forms above and mail or bring in to your lesson with first month’s Tuition.

Music Lessons.  Hi, I’m Emery. I’m glad you’re here for music lessons! Teaching is my passion, and I’ve been doing it sucessfully for 22 years.  I love to bring all styles and genres of music to life through innovative pedagogy and pragmatic applications. You can choose to study music theory and appreciation, musicology, improvisation, performance, composition, arranging or creative studies. You can sign up for individual, month-to-month instruction, group classes or workshops. Individual classes are supplemented by performance opportunities and studio classes.

About the Lessons: You will receive one on one instruction in the subject of your choice, either once per week or twice per month. I tailor the curriculum individually to you to maximize your growth opportunities and creative freedom.

Benefits of Music: Music creates alkalinity in the body! Music improves heart – mind congruence! Music improves both left and right brain function.  Music heals the heart and soul, develops strengthened brain circuitry through the connection of left and right hemispheres . Music reveals and enhances your soul’s purpose and desire in life by enabling engagement, emotional awareness and connection.

All ages are welcome! All Styles of music taught!
No Prior Experience Necessary!

Disciplines Offered:
Specific instruments: Violin, Piano, Voice, Acoustic Guitar, Viola, Ukelele
Any instrument or voice: Blues, Songwriting, Jazz, Improvisation, Arranging, Composition
General Music: (For all ages) Includes Solfège, Glockenspiel, Recorder.
Classes are available One on One, as a private lesson.
Group classes are also available; contact the instructor.

Lessons are available in 30 min, 45 min, or 60 min segments on weekdays and weekends. Send me an email or call to set up a time.

Lessons are currently available in Conifer. Lessons are also available down the hill through the Forte Music Academy in Littleton on Saturdays only (Different rates and contract applies. Contact Forte Academy for more information. 303.948.9221)

Rates for new students:

Half Hour=$50, 45 Minutes=$75, Hour=$100

Lessons are payable one month in advance. No contract is required. For tuition payment,  we use reoccurring credit or debit card payment only. Please fill out the form above and submit it at the beginning of your first lesson.