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I am a musician, teacher, creative person and healer. My passionate endeavors in the creation of original music, arrangement of current music, original writing and the connection of music to art fuel the fire of my life’s heart. This connection for me naturally extends to sound and energy healing through Reiki and the symbolic language of Astrology, both of which I practice professionally.

I feel that my path is not just to live in truth and authenticity, but to help other people find their truth, their unique voice, and their creative expression. I am committed to being of service to anyone needing inspiration to find their passion, joy and true soul’s heart. I offer friendship, love, inspiration and hope through the medium of music, creative work, energy, astrology and metaphysics.

I teach group classes, meet-ups, workshops and private lessons for students of all ages, in both music and metaphysics for all levels and interests in Conifer, and the Front Range, as I have for over twenty-four years. My most recent teaching projects include developing a songwriting curriculum and class for Denver University, as well as subbing and training for the Colorado Symphony’s Very Young Composers program in local area schools as a Teaching Artist and Ensemble member. I am a master private music teacher at the Forte Academy of Music in Littleton working since 2012 with students of all ages, including adults.  I teach as an Orff trained preschool music teacher for the Thomas Learning Centers. In Metaphysics, I am the co-founder of Mountain Healing Arts in Conifer, where I offer astrology classes, workshops and readings, as well as Reiki energy and sound healing sessions.

My hobbies include cooking delicious vegetarian food from scratch, Chinese Shao-Lin Kung Fu (I am a first degree black belt, and have a wooden man named “Jing Shen” at home as a practicing partner) and enjoying the beauty of nature, outdoors in all its forms. I have recently added rock climbing this year and have been enjoying exploring Yoga as well as breath work and meditation.

I have a beautiful daughter, who will be 8 soon, and two amazing boys I get to share and love as my own who are 10 and 12. I believe that through the eyes of our children, the universe helps us find beauty, grace and change for which I am eternally grateful.


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